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Book Nook: What You Want to See, by Kristen Lepionka

Reading books can be such a joyful experience. There are so many things to like about it. One of my favorite things is discovering a writer who has just published her first book and realizing that their work is something special. Then I have the eager anticipation ahead of waiting for them to write many more!

When I read Kristen Lepionka's debut effort "The Last Place You Look" I got that wonderful sensation that there is another writer who has tremendous potential. She recently published "What You Want to See" which is the second book in her series that features the careworn private eye Roxanne Weary and by golly this book is even better than the first one.

The author lives in Columbus and these stories are set there. Roxanne has some of the tendencies that readers of detective novels will find comfortably familiar, she has some issues so to speak. For instance, she has a taste for the booze and her love life is a mess. But she's one determined gumshoe and she has some other attributes that render her as being somewhat unique in this genre. Read the books to find out what I'm talking about. This mystery has all of the elements of a great crime novel; a confusing welter of clues, a protracted pursuit of the perpetrators, lots of suspense, and some great action scenes.

In this interview Kristen discussed her writing technique and I have to think that aspiring writers and fans of the genre will be intrigued by what she had to say about how she does it. Her first book just came out in paperback. I cannot wait to read the third novel in this series. Oh, and you can delve into our Book Nook archive to listen to our first interview, too!The Book Nook on WYSO is presented by the Greene County Public Library with additional support from Washington-Centerville Public Library,  Clark County Public LibraryDayton Metro Library, and Wright Memorial Public Library.

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