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Book Nook: An interview with Harry Campbell, Rare Book Conservator at the Ohio State University

Harry Campbell
courtesy of the Ohio State University
Harry Campbell

The Book Nook is an author interview program. Over the years almost every guest I have featured on the show has had a new book out. On occasion I'll interview a guest who doesn't have a book. I will do this because I think our listeners will enjoy the interview and hopefully, a change of pace.

A number of years ago I interviewed a woman who called herself Julia Butterfly. She had not written a book. But I was holding out hope that she would because she was doing a very interesting thing at the time. When I interviewed her she was up in a tree. I'm not kidding.


Harry Campbell
Credit courtesy of the Ohio State University
Harry Campbell

You see she was an environmental activist and she was staging a protest. A lumber company in northern California had been preparing to cut down an ancient redwood tree. Julia was protecting the tree. She had sneaked up into the canopy and was living up there. And I really wanted to talk to her about that experience. So I did.

Now normally I eschew cell phone interviews because they usually have significant audio impairments. They did back when I interviewed Julia and they still do. But that was the only way I could interview someone living up in a tree. And I'm glad I did. The tree was called "Luna." After Julia finally came down from the tree the lumber company cut it down anyway. How sad.

Harry Campbell is an expert at preserving old books and papers. He has worked on some incredible restoration projects. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation. Harry hasn't written a book but I thought you might appreciate what he had to say. I did.

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