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What's Great in Dayton: February 5 - 11, 2016

The 6th Annual AleFeast celebration is this Saturday
The 6th Annual AleFeast celebration is this Saturday

is an art exhibition and it features works on paper, canvas and found materials which explore issues of American nostalgia in dissonance with contemporary postmodern culture. The opening reception is tonight, 6-10pm at Warped Wing in downtown

Come one….come all!!! is tonight, Saturday and Sunday at the University of Dayton arena.

Craft Beer Meets Fine Food at the Dayton Masonic Center.  Yes, beer & food fans, it's time for the celebration. This is Saturday, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

Learn how the National Audubon Society and other bird conservation groups around the world are using mapping technology to support bird conservation work and even bird watching. Feel free to bring a laptop or mobile device to join in the fun and take some technologies for a test drive. This is Sunday, 2:30 p.m. at

Spend a relaxing Sunday morning enjoying delicious food and award-winning local young talent. Coco's Bistro is hosting Savor Your Sunday a special brunch series featuring performances by young musicians from Stivers School for the Arts

And the are doing The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams now through February 21.

Gotta Go….

Charlie, It’s Great In Dayton, Campbell

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Charlie Campbell wants to spread the news of so many wonderful aspects in the greater Dayton area. He is a cheerleader and a real believer that our area is the place to be. He has been active in this area for almost 40 years and you can hear him weekly at WYSO.