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Book Nook: Make Mead Like a Viking, by Jereme Zimmerman

Home brewing has been enjoying a surge in popularity recently. There are many ways to approach the production of home brew. Jereme Zimmerman takes the down home route in his new guide to home brewing, "Make Mead Like a Viking - Traditional Techniques for Brewing Natural, Wild-Fermented Honey-Based Wines and Beers."

The author started out making beer at home. He has expanded his repertoire over the years. Perhaps the word "expanded" doesn't do him justice. Jereme has been brewing a lot of stuff and he has become quite adventurous. Brewing mead has become one of his favorite pastimes. Mead is a honey-based fermented beverage and the varieties of flavor combinations one might employ in making mead would see to be almost limitless. 

Jereme uses honey, water, herbs, tree bark, flowers, and lots of other ingredients from his local area area around Berea, Kentucky to produce his meads. And he does it in a sustainable fashion, minimizing his impact on the environment. This book is filled with recipes, tips, advice, and everything you'll need to know about making your own mead.

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