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Re-create This Easy Comic To Boost Creativity And Reading In Kids Or Yourself

Provided Chris Pearce

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up a lot in our lives, including our creative drive. For some students, the motivation to stay mentally sharp in a home environment is a struggle. One Middletown High School English teacher has a solution for these creative blocks, whether you're an adult, teen or young kid.

WVXU reached out to Chris Pearce to create a step-by-step guide on how to create a comic to keep you creative, or help your student stay sharp via literacy exercises. Pearce uses comics to engage his 9th grade class and creates comics as a side hustle.

"Even if you're not much of a person who likes to draw, you can still do this," he says. "This is also a writing exercise as much as it can be a comics exercise."

A study shows using comics as a method to teach literacy does not always translate into significant educational growth. But it can improve interest and attitudes toward reading.

Here's how it works: 

Steps One And Two

Grab a piece of paper and fold it hot dog style to create three lines. Next, write the words "did," "see" and "felt" on the three separate sections of the paper.

Credit Provided Chris Pearce

Step Three 

Fill each section out with drawings. What did you do today? Watch TV, eat a big sandwich, or work? What did you see? A red cardinal sitting on the porch, or a juicy red tomato on your big sandwich from lunch? What did you feel?

Credit Provided Chris Pearce

Step Four 

Admire the Picasso in you! Hang your new comic up on your refrigerator. 

Credit Provided Chris Pearce

If you're looking to take your new skills up a few notches, Pearce has a TikTok channel he uses to connect with his high schoolers.


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