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Kentucky, Meet Your Candidates For Governor

Republican incumbent Matt Bevin (left) and Democrat Andy Beshear will face each other on Kentucky's ballot in November.
Republican incumbent Matt Bevin (left) and Democrat Andy Beshear will face each other on Kentucky's ballot in November.

Kentucky's incumbent Republican Governor Matt Bevin will face a familiar political foe in Democrat Andy Beshear at the voting booth in November.

Despite being ranked as the nation's least popular governor, Bevin defeated challengers Robert Goforth, William Woods and Ike Lawrence in Tuesday's primary, the Associated Press reports. While an ally of President Donald Trump – who is popular in Kentucky and tweeted his support – Bevin came under fire over the past year for feuding with public school teachers. After teachers called out sick to protest an ultimately failed pension bill, Bevin said, without evidence, that "somewhere in Kentucky" children were sexually assaulted or ingested poison because they had been left alone.  

Meanwhile, Beshear won over opponents Rocky Adkins and Adam Edelen.

Beshear is the son of Kentucky's last Democratic governor, Steve Beshear, whose two terms preceded Bevin's. The younger Beshear, currently the state's attorney general, has taken Bevin to court multiple times over bills related to teacher pensions and other education-focused issues.  

A spokeswoman for the secretary of state's office told the Associated Press that turnout at Tuesday's polls was light and may end up being lower than the projected 12.5%.

Elsewhere on the ballot: 

  • Daniel Cameron, former lawyer for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has won the Republican nomination for Attorney General. He will face former AG Gregory Stumbo, who ran unopposed.
  • Michael Adams, a former member of the Board of Elections, won the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. He will face Democrat Heather French Henry in November. 
  • Incumbent Ryan Quarles won the Republican nomination for Kentucky agriculture commissioner and will face Robert Conway, a farmer in Scott County. 
  • Republican Mike Harmon ran unopposed and will face Democrat Sheri Donahue for state auditor. 
  • Incumbent Republican Treasurer Allison Ball will face Democrat Michael Bowman, a banker.

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