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Goodyear Announces Collaborative Project to Enhance Traffic Safety

Amanda Rabinowitz

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. has announced its part in a pilot project near Columbus focused on making both vehicles and traffic safer.

The company is teaming up with transportation company Ease Logistics and the city of Dublin to research how they can increase connected mobility efforts, which are meant to consider the larger role vehicles can play in making traffic flow smoother and safer.

Goodyear’s Connected Fleet Product Manager Micah Tindor says the data from each of the three partners will then be assessed as a whole.

“We’re gonna deploy eight vehicles with Goodyear’s tire pressure monitoring systems, Goodyear’s TPMS Plus system, at Ease Logistics," Tindor said. "Those vehicles are gonna travel throughout the Beta District generating data.”

The research will monitor eight vehicles equipped with Goodyear tires embedded with special sensors to help identify transportation issues. The real-time data collected, including tire pressure and temperature, will help enhance mobility technology to prevent roadside breakdowns and improve safety and handling.

“As you combine these data sets with different partners, it starts to generate for us the ability to see a clearer understanding of what’s happening within the mobility space and to solve for things that are hindering the smooth flow of mobility of people within the city,” Tindor said.

Tindor said the research will help them assess and prevent a range of issues from problems related to low tire pressure to unsnarling traffic jams. The pilot project will be used to consider what technology should eventually make its way into vehicles.

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