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Republican Win in 14th District Crushes Democrats' Hopes

Democrat candidate Betsy Rader
Democrat candidate Betsy Rader

Ohio’s Congressional delegation is sending a new face to Washington but will remain dominated by 12 Republicans over just four Democrats. One district where Democrats thought they had a chance to turn the district blue remained with the incumbent. 

In the 14th district covering the northeast corner of the state Republican incumbent Dave Joyce won by 11 percentage points. His short response on Twitter was simply, “I am truly honored to have the opportunity to continue to serve #OH14.” And he thanked his supporters.

Democratic newcomer Betsy Rader looked ahead in her concession speech.

“Democracy dies in darkness, and we must continue to shine a light. We have to lead the way for this to become a government for the people and by the people again. We have to lead the way and never never never give up," Rader said. 

Rader ran a campaign calling for getting money out of politics and for offering people an option to buy into Medicaid for health care.  

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