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North Ridgeville Approves Plans for a Mosque

City Council says it's a matter of religious freedom
City Council says it's a matter of religious freedom

North Ridgeville’s city councilhas approved plans for the construction of a mosque.

The approval came despite residents voicing concerns about parking, traffic, soil conditions, flooding — and the presence of the mosque itself.

City Council President Kevin Corcoran says that the city did receive emails and calls from people opposed to the mosque, but the decision was made as objectively as any other building application.

Corcoran's thoughts on the approval.

“Our country was founded on religious freedom, first and foremost, and, you know, we have the Constitution that protects ... those rights. And so, you know, from that standpoint, I viewed it the same as any other religious institution.”

Corcoran says that the next step toward construction is to the get groundwork for the building approved by an engineer.

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Cameron Gorman is a junior journalism major at Kent State. In student media, she has worked for the Kent Stater, The Burr and Transitions. She has also interned for WKYC, Cleveland Magazine and the Akron Beacon Journal.