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Broad & High Presents: Ingram Street

Woody and Minquel Ingram grew up singing for school talent shows and local/regional showcases. They eventually joined a vocal group called Up 2 Par for several years until they decided to continue their music journey as Ingram Street, a Columbus-based R&B brother duo dishing out smooth vocals and catchy verses.

They were joined in the WOSU studio by Wib Schneider on guitar.

Beautiful Possibility
“‘Beautiful Possibility’ was produced by music veteran Preston Glass who worked with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Johnny Gill, Kenny G, and Earth Wind and Fire. He along with Ron Tyson of the Temptations came up with the concept and [we] added our flavor to the song with additional lyrics,” says Woody.

Can’t Get U Outta My Mind
“‘Can’t Get U Outta My Mind’ was written and produced by longtime collaborator, Irving Johnson. Since he was a member of Up 2 Par…he knew our sound pretty well so the song fit us good,” says Woody.

The origin story for “Free,” according to Woody, is that “[we] went to the studio to work with some different producers to expand our sound during the recording of our last album ‘Escapism.’ The track for ‘Free’ was handcrafted by a producer named Chad Rivers after he heard us do an a cappella version of K Ci and Jo Jo’s ‘All My Life.’

The song is about the downside of a relationship where you say things you may not mean but you still want things to work out; however, you would rather be apart than to be unhappy together.”

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Minquel (from left to right) and Woody Ingram with guitarist Wib Schneider.

Interview with Ingram Street

Join us as Ingram Street tells us about their favorite childhood memory, the food they’d eat for the rest of their lives, and the songs that always get them to dance!

The Origin Story
We have been singing and performing since we were kids, from school talent shows to local and regional showcases. We were in a vocal group called Up 2 Par and we had been with them for several years. We felt it was time for us to rebrand ourselves as a duo and that is how we formed Ingram Street.

How did you come up with the name?
Since Ingram is our last name, we felt it would be good to give tribute to the musicians that are part of the Ingram Family. We are proud of our last name.

We chose to add Street to our name because we feel that music should take you on a journey or to a destination like a street is designed to do. [W]e hope that is what our music does for our listener—take them on a musical journey or escape.

Give us the lowdown on your sound
Our sound is a combination of vintage R&B and modern day pop and R&B.

How does your relationship as brothers impact your music?
Being brothers impacts our writing because we grew up with the same musical influences. We also complement each other’s strengths when writing a song. If one of us gets stuck on an idea, the other can come in and finish or flesh it out.

What is your secret to writing catchy verses?
We try to think about all the songs that [got] stuck in our heads that we loved growing up, or even the songs on the radio [today] that have that catchy hook that you can’t stop thinking about.

We also try to keep our songs melodic so that they are easy to remember.

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