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Broad & High Presents: Forever Unknown

Forever Unknown is an alternative rock band comprised of five high school students: Micah Stromsoe DeLorenzo (vocals), Sully Gerdeman (Bass), Blake Bennett (Guitar), Evan Pond (drums) and Jacob Hutmire (guitar). Jacob, Evan, Blake and Sully were joined by Micah in 2018 to officially form the band.

“Home” was created when Sully took a creative spin on one of the band’s other songs, “Don’t Know Where We’re Going,” which ultimately became the guitar line for this song. After hearing Sully play the part, the words “I don’t need to know you now, ‘cause I knew you then” popped into Micah’s head and the rest was history.

Bury Me
“Bury Me” was created after Micah was playing her guitar to impress the band. While she was improvising, she happened to play what is now the main lick of the song. She originally had the first verse of “Bury Me” in her notebook which then allowed the rest of the song to come to fruition.

Wonder Emporium
“Wonder Emporium” is inspired by one of Micah’s favorite movies, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. She was particularly inspired by a quote in the movie that says, “37 seconds well-used is a lifetime,” and from this line, the band composed the rest of the song.

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Meet The Musicians

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From left: Micah Stromsoe DeLorenzo (vocals), Blake Bennett (guitar), Evan Pond (drums), Sully Gerdeman (bass), Jacob Hutmire (guitar)

Quick Q&A with Forever Unknown

Micah Stromsoe DeLorenzo answers some questions about a typical Friday night, her favorite artists, and her favorite memory as a band.

Interview with Forever Unknown

The Origin Story
Jacob, Evan, and Blake all used to play music together as kids and eventually added Sully to the group. Sully’s dad and Micah’s mom work together and around February 2018 the two of them were talking and Sully’s dad mentioned that his kid’s band was in search of a singer. So one fateful day, Micah drove down to Pickerington to meet them, and the rest is history.

Give us the lowdown on your sound.
We would generally describe ourselves as alternative rock and are generally inspired by bands of that genre. We pull from groups like the Stone Roses, Blondie and Nirvana to help inspire our work.

What is it like to balance life as high school students and band members?
It definitely has its ups and downs, but for the most part, balancing life as a high schooler and being in a band isn’t as difficult as one might think. It’s something we can look forward to and would highly recommend to anyone considering joining or starting a band.

What are some of the band’s biggest goals for the future?
The biggest thing we want to make sure we do soon is get in the studio and start recording more songs. We’ve got one new song in particular that we’re really excited about that we’d like to get released as soon as we can. Other than that, we just want to play more shows and meet more awesome bands!