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Broad & High Presents: Chaz & Nicki

Chaz & Nicki teamed up together five years ago when Chaz was looking for a new female lead for his wedding band. The two now perform together in a seven-piece band, The New Juju Bees, as well as a four-piece band Hang Time, where they play a variety of covers from jazz and R&B to popular dance tunes. But it’s as a duo where they get to showcase most of their original songs.

“The (current pandemic) situation in Columbus is such that big gatherings are not happening, so big bands are not happening. Weddings are not happening. So for us it’s really fortunate that we have this ability to play as a duo,” says Chaz.

“The lyrics were literally a dream,” says Nicki, who woke up and immediately sent the chorus to Chaz. “I just woke up and there it was.”

Be Better
“Be Better was my challenge to Nicki to write a song based on a conversation lots of people have,” says Chaz. “If you could go back in time and tell yourself something five years ago, what would you tell yourself? So it’s a neat anthem describing all the things you might like to achieve if you set out a five-year plan and actually follow it.”

Will I Ever Get Your Love
Nicki tells us that this song is about someone being told they weren’t good enough, but they kept trying anyway.

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