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slavic village

  • University Settlement, a nonprofit community center, sits on a busy section of Broadway Avenue in Slavic Village: four lanes of cars, trucks, motorcycles, city buses. It's the kind of place where, if you want to make a visual statement, people will see it.
  • Updated 2:20 p.m., July 11, 2019 The suspect in custody in connection with a quadruple homicide in Slavic Village earlier this week is the father of one of the victims, Cleveland police said. Armond Johnson, Sr., 26, has not yet been formally charged in the killings but was arrested on aggravated murder charges Thursday morning following an arrest Tuesday in a separate aggravated robbery case.
  • At Mound School in Slavic Village, Teyon and Taylor Rice are visiting the school nurse for a check-up on their asthma, which sometimes flares up during school. "I know an asthma attack is starting when I start coughing out of nowhere or when I’m running, or laughing too much," Teyon said. "Then when I do have an asthma attack, I raise my hand and my teacher will send me down here." "It like hurts really bad in my heart and my chest and my throat," Taylor said.