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Rivet Resources

  • WOSU Public Media has collated a list of resources to help job seekers during this difficult time. These community organizations are continuing to offer programming and training – as well as additional resources in this time.
  • This week, we’ll be swapping our traditional “web extra” structure for a moment of brief reflection, as I tell you lovely people about my experience working on Rivet.
  • Women are often discouraged from pursuing STEM fields from a young age, and as such, many of these careers remain male-dominated. There are several programs are cropping up to mend the gender gap in computer science careers.
  • The path to a high school diploma isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Many students follow the traditional routes—state testing, ACT & SAT—but are unaware of a third, lesser-known option. Take a step off the beaten path with us as we explore industry-recognized credentials and discover how they can earn you a high school diploma and more.
  • Although they have a few things in common, internships and apprenticeships are vastly different from one another—and they’re often confused. Both provide hands-on experience and a taste of professionalism, but that’s about where the similarities end.
  • Though career technical schools come with dozens of benefits, many students struggle to adjust to the transition. We talked to C-TEC’s Career Development Coordinator Alyssa Johnston for a few tips on making the switch to a career technical school.