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Mark Lomax, II

Mark Lomax, II
courtesy of Mark Lomax, II
Mark Lomax, II

Mark Lomax, II, is a critically acclaimed drummer and composer.

In 2019, he release his magnum opus, a 12-album work called 400: An Afrikan Epic. The project explores the story of African people through over 1,000 years of history – from the pre-colonial period, through the slave trade to the present and into the future.

Mark talks with Hanif about telling stories with music, balancing family life with performing, how the live music scene has changed, performing for children and listening for "options" in new songs.

The music heard in this episode includes "Transcendence” (from Tales of the Black Experience, performed by the Mark Lomax Quartet), “Blues In August” (from Blues in August, performed by Mark Lomax Trio and The Urban Art Ensemble) and “The Pale Fox” (from Song of the Dogon, performed by Mark Lomax Quartet)

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