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How A Fertility Doctor Lied To His Patients. A Conversation About The 'Sick' Podcast

Lizz White holding her son Matt.
Photo contributed by Lizz White.
Lizz White holding her son Matt.

The first season of the podcast “Sick,” from Side Effects Public Media, dives into the story of a fertility doctor who spent years deceiving his patients. His ethical breach was uncovered due to the growing popularity of mail-in DNA tests.


The 'All IN' talk show caught up with the podcast's co-hosts to find out how they put it together. Also featured are a mother and son who were central to the unfolding story, and a law professor who explains why it was such a challenge to hold Dr. Donald Cline accountable.

Guests included "Sick" co-hosts Lauren Bavis and Jake Harper; Liz and Matt White, who told their story on the podcast; and Indiana University law professor Jody Madeira. 

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