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Tech Tuesday: Fashion magazine generates models using AI

models posing
Chalo Garcia
Multiple models are photographed while posing.

Photoshopping models to trim their waists, hide their pores, remove wrinkles or other so-called imperfections has been controversial for decades.

It even sparked a backlash with women demanding to see models who looked like real humans, flaws and all.

We’re talking with a magazine editor who recently published a fashion magazine using models generated by AI.

Virtual reality are two words that can often conjure up images of white headsets over a person’s eye, placing them in the world of their favorite video game or transporting them to another world.

But at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women, incarcerated people are brought to a car garage using virtual reality to learn how to do an oil change.

This training allows those who are incarcerated to prepare for future jobs in the auto technician field.

Every pack of cigarettes sold comes with a warning that smoking can cause cancer.

Now, America’s Surgeon General wants to add a label to social media sites warning younger users that these apps can cause mental health problems.


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