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Tech Tuesday: Beehives being placed in Central Ohio landfills to promote biodiversity


What do Columbus, Ohio and Sicily have in common? That would be the presence of Italian bees.

In an effort to promote sustainable practices and biodiversity in central Ohio, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) has begun planting beehives in local landfills.

Now, the initiative that started last year with only two hives in a Grove City landfill has gained in popularity, and caused a small, but significant uptick in the bee population of central Ohio.

Many of us have seen drones in the sky, recording video or even playing a role in half-time performances at the Super Bowl.

As the drones’ propellers move in the sky, a buzzing sound can often be heard, even at a far distance.

For those living in the community of Chula Vista, California, that buzzing can now bring a feeling of being watched and can be accompanied by the arrival of a police car only moments later.

Adobe, the tech company behind Photoshop and Creative Cloud, has changed its terms of service so that it will have the right to look at your files and existing projects.

Users aren’t happy, though the company says the change is being made in the name of content moderation.


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