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Wellness Wednesday: Research on loneliness


Even though we live in an age of social media, the irony is that many people aren’t as social.

Declining participation in clubs and other community organizations, which once brought people together, has declined. The result is an increase in loneliness, especially at certain times in our lives.

New research suggests people tend to be lonelier in young adulthood and later life.

Standing in the sunscreen aisle at the grocery store can feel a little overwhelming.

Should you choose mineral or chemical sunscreen?

Is SPF 50 really that much better than 45?

From lotions to diets, consumers are often looking for ways to have healthier skin.

One treatment that’s been in the news lately is red light therapy.

It’s been touted as a means of de-aging, reducing inflammation, and clearing acne. But, in actuality, the research is still inconclusive.


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