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Wellness Wednesday: Urgent care clinics stepping in to help with mental health


The stigma against discussing mental health issues has lifted over the last two decades.

This comes at a time when America’s mental health crisis is worsening. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of therapists.

As a result, emergency rooms are overburdened. To help ease the crisis, special mental health urgent care clinics are stepping in.

Whether it’s eating better, exercising more or yearly checkups, evidence shows it can make a positive difference in our health.

Now, a digital health platform is improving surgical outcomes by utilizing patient engagement.

The desire to connect with others is fundamental, but our attitudes toward socializing, particularly here in America, have shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re socializing less and that’s not good. New research suggests loneliness can negatively impact our health and that middle-aged Americans are especially vulnerable.


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