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Tech Tuesday: Netflix series highlights astronomical phenomenon captured at OSU

netflix on a tv screen. hand holds remote.

Today, we’re talking about a mysterious signal from outer space picked up on a radio telescope nearly 50 years ago at The Ohio State University.

Netflix’s new sci-fi series “3 Body Problem,” which just dropped from the creators of Game of Thrones, uses it as a plot point.

Imagine you are visiting a new city for the first time and there are two parts of the city you can choose to visit.

The first choice is the older part of the city, with century-old brick buildings covered in bumps, lumps, and ridges, and filled with decades upon decades of history. The second choice is the newest part of the city, filled with identical towering glass buildings, smooth and flat.

For most of us, we would pick the older part of the city, as the history and uniqueness is more appealing, however according to some architects a global “blandemic” has been increasing the number of boring buildings being designed.

What kinds of products fall under the category of smart kitchen tools?

How do these smart tools compare in price to normal kitchen appliances? Is it worth the money?


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