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Wellness Wednesday: Mysterious illness infecting dogs across the U.S.

Amy Gillard
Dogs in at least a dozen states have fallen ill due to a mysterious illness.

Our dogs are often members of our family and we care about their health as much as we our own.

That’s why a mystery respiratory illness infecting dogs across the country has been vexing vets and creating fears in pet parents.

The infection doesn’t have a name and it doesn’t show up on regular tests like the ones done to detect kennel cough.

Alcohol intake between men and women have differed for a long time. It has even regulated gender roles.

One of the lasting effects of the pandemic was the increase in stress drinking done by women. An unfortunate result is women now drinking too much.

Studies have shown the medical profession has not always prioritized the health issues of women.

Sexist attitudes towards women's health have often led to drugs, like Valium, being overprescribed to deal with “women’s issues.”


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