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Tech Tuesday: Ohio History Connection targeted in cyber attack

The Ohio History Center in Columbus
Sam Howzit

This episode originally aired on Sept. 5, 2023.

Locally, an attack against the Ohio History Connection in early July exposed the identities of more than 7,000 members. But apparently no financial information was breached.

The nonprofit isn’t alone: corporations, hospitals, schools and even governments have been targets.

The culprits in these cases aren’t always known, yet Russia remains a looming and shadowy presence in many of the large-scale attacks.

Last week, WIRED magazine unmasked one of its masterminds.

Two-thirds of parents in a Pew Research Center survey said technology makes their jobs harder.

Less than 10 percent said it made their job easier.

The data from 2020 illustrates the challenges parents face in monitoring their children’s smartphone and laptop use.

A longtime educator and children’s technology expert says it can be done and he has tips.

McDonald’s customers wanting a refreshing ice cream cone on a hot summer day have likely heard this message at one time or another:

“I’m sorry – but our ice cream machine is broken.”

The right-to-repair company iFixit wants to be a part of the solution, but it needs an act of Congress.



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