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Tech Tuesday: Netflix cracks down on password sharing


Netflix has begun its long anticipated crackdown on password sharing in an effort to boost profits in the increasingly competitive streaming landscape.

Other streamers are offering new ad-supported tiers, changing ownership, rebranding, and more.

Homeowners use nearly eight billion gallons of water every day to irrigate their yards, flowers and gardens.

But nearly half of that is wasted because of overwatering.

A better way to monitor usage may come in the form of smart hoses and smart sprinklers.

Tech-enabled home products – for inside and outside the house – have only gotten smarter in recent years.

Only music created by humans will be eligible for the recording industry’s biggest award – the Grammys.

The Recording Academy updated its rules last week to make sure music generated by artificial intelligence won’t qualify.

But that hasn’t stopped artists from experimenting with the sophisticated technology: Paul McCartney is working to get the Beatles back together.



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