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Teaching African American history, race and segregation in America

A group of protesters gather in support of school integration at Columbus City Hall in 1964.
AP File Photo
Representatives of the Congress of Racial Equality and student groups mass at the Columbus City Hall steps on April 18, 1964 to support civil rights leaders protesting alleged de factor segregation in Cleveland’s schools. The demonstrators marched for several blocks in downtown Columbus before the rally at City Hall. The picketing was peaceful.

You can’t discuss the history of America without addressing slavery and the injustices suffered by African-Americans and other marginalized groups.

Race has always been a complicated issue in America. It’s been made even more so in today’s current climate of political polarization.

Conservative groups across the nation have been orchestrating efforts to prevent the teaching of African American studies and the history of race in America.

We talk with Ohio State University associate professor Hasan Kwame Jeffries about African American history, race and segregation in America.


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