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Tech Tuesday: Possible Twitter implosion

Jeff Chiu

Although it is far from the biggest social network, Twitter is second to none in terms of the influence it has over public opinion, but following Elon Musk's takeover, a collapse of the platform is a real possibility.

Today on Tech Tuesday, we are discussing what would be lost with a Twitter implosion. Eve Fairbanks, a WIRED contributing writer, discusses what an implosion of the social media giant could mean.

We also look at what comes next for a California law meant to combat Covid-19 misinformation. California lawmakers argue that the law would only apply to the most egregious cases of misinformation, while some doctors say the law is too vague and would lead to self-censorship by physicians. Steven Lee Myers, of the New York Times, has been following the story.

SpaceX has received permission from the Federal Communications Commission to more than double the number of operational satellites currently orbiting Earth in coming years. The company can now move ahead with its plans to launch 7,500 more Starlink broadband internet satellites. At the same time, the FCC deferred action on the company’s request for permission to launch a further 22,000 satellites. We talk to Russell Holly, Managing Editor for Commerce at CNET, about this issue.


  • Eve Fairbanks, WIRED contributor
  • Steven Lee Myers, New York Times writer
  • Russell Holly, Managing Editor for Commerce at CNET

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