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The Federal Reserve And What's Next For The Economy

The Federal Reserve building in Washington.
Patrick Semansky
This May 22, 2020 photo shows the Federal Reserve building in Washington. The Federal Reserve said Monday, June 15, 2020 that it will begin purchasing corporate bonds as part of a previously-announced program to ensure companies can borrow through the bond market during the pandemic The program will purchase already-issued bonds on the open market and will seek to build a “broad and diversified” portfolio that will mimic a bond-market index.

For most of the year, the Federal Reserve has insisted that inflation is one thing, transitory. But recently that has begun to change.

Last week, the central bank announced it would accelerate tapering of its large-scale bond-buying program and set the stage for as many as three interest rate increases next year.

We take a look at the latest news out of the Fed and what it could mean for the economy.


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