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Ohio Republican Party's Headquarters Makes Tax Liens List

 Ohio Republican Party headquarters, Columbus, Ohio
Karen Kasler
Ohio Public Radio
Ohio Republican Party headquarters, Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio Republican Party's headquarters, at the corner of 5th and Rich streets in downtown Columbus, appeared on the list of liens for sale next month because taxes on it had not been paid in full on it. Franklin County Treasurer spokesman Bob Vitale said properties on that list have been in arrears for a while.

"If someone has a debt for more than 18 months, the property becomes eligible to go into that sale," he said

Vitale said the Ohio Republican Party didn't pay taxes for the second half of 2019, didn't pay any taxes in 2020, and didn't pay taxes for the first half of this calendar year. The ORP paid a total of $48,938.01 in August but still owed a total of $3501.92 in outstanding fees and assessments.

Ohio Republican Party

The Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau contacted the party Thursday morning to see why it was on the list. Vitale said payment for the remaining $3501.92 was made around 1:30 p.m. today, a couple of hours after the Statehouse News Bureau first contacted the party. Vitale said the payment means the party's tax bill is now up to date.

The party's communication director Tricia McLaughlin said in a statement that it was not aware of the outstanding property taxes. They said the remaining amount paid on Thursday was special fees that had not been listed on any invoices.

The Ohio Democratic Party's spokesperson Matt Keyes said the outstanding property taxes raises questions about the Ohio Republican Party's former chair Jane Timken, who left the role earlier this year to run for the U.S. Senate.

"It's clear there are some serious questions Jane Timken needs to answer about her time as chair and how she handles the party's finances," Keyes said in a statement. "It Jane can't effectively manage the budget of the Ohio Republican Party, how can she be trusted with the hard-earned dollars of the U.S taxpayers?"

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Jo Ingles is a professional journalist who covers politics and Ohio government for the Ohio Public Radio and Television for the Ohio Public Radio and Television Statehouse News Bureau. She reports on issues of importance to Ohioans including education, legislation, politics, and life and death issues such as capital punishment.