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Ohio Senate Republicans May Increase Tax Cut In State Budget

Ohio Senator Matt Dolan speaks during an Ohio Senate session.
Ohio Senate
Ohio Senator Matt Dolan speaks during an Ohio Senate session.

The Ohio Senate is now considering the $74.7 billion two-year state budget, which includes a 2% income tax cut. The Republican who’s leading the committee looking at the spending plan says he hopes that will change.

Senate Finance Committee chair Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) said while he’s concerned about the $410 million in spending the House added to the budget, and also has questions about the $1.8 billion school funding formula overhaul, he likes the tax cut Republican representatives put in.

“I hope it stays and I actually would like to increase it. I think I think lower taxes are a good incentive for economic growth,” Dolan said.

The 2% tax cut will cost the state $380 million dollars over two years, and Dolan said it’s part of a continuing plan to make the state’s tax system more competitive.

Democrats have said that money could be used to build broadband access, help with lead poisoning prevention, expanding Medicaid to post-partum mothers or create a refundable tax credit for low-income people.

Dolan said that’s also a tax cut, so their criticism of the Republicans’ tax cut is unfair.

Karen Kasler
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