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Fairfield County judge blocks Columbus' newly passed gun ordinances

Assault weapons and hand guns for sale.
Seth Perlman
Assault weapons and hand guns for sale.

A Fairfield County judge has granted Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost a temporary restraining order, blocking Columbus' newly passed gun ordinances from taking effect.

Yost released a statement saying, "state law supersedes what Columbus is attempting to do here."

Franklin County Judge Stephen McIntosh had found a state law unconstitutional for banning local governments from creating new gun restrictions.

Several weeks ago, after a state appeal on that decision, McIntosh issued a stay on all proceedings related to Columbus' 2019 legal challenge of an Ohio law requiring statewide uniformity in firearms regulations.

Columbus leaders had moved forward on gun restrictions in question which include limits on magazine size and criminalizing straw buyers.

Yost said any changes to Ohio's gun laws must go through the General Assembly.