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New Ohio State Curriculum Will Train Workers To Expand Broadband Internet Access

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Ohio State University is developing a new curriculum to train workers to help expand broadband internet access in rural and urban areas of Ohio.

The current state budget sets aside $250 million to spend on broadband programs in Ohio. Now state and local officials have to figure out how to use that money.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said a $3 million grant from federal COVID relief money will help Ohio State University develop a curriculum for broadband and 5G builders, installers, teachers and other positions. And they’ll share that with all educational institutions in Ohio.

“It'll be a sort of plug and play situation, where here's how you do it, here are the people you need, here's the equipment and the skills that you will help people earn," Husted said. "And they're just going to work with industry to build this blueprint so that everybody in Ohio has access to it.”

Husted admits the workforce to expand broadband in both rural and urban areas of Ohio isn’t ready yet, but he said the jobs will pay well and will have advancement opportunities as the broadband network grows.