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Columbus To Move Department Of Education Into Mayor's Office

Columbus City Hall
David Holm
Columbus City Hall

Columbus City Council votes Monday night on an ordinance that will consolidate education efforts into the mayor’s office.

The legislation would move the Columbus Department of Education to the mayor’s office and is expected to improve operational efficiencies, provide better services to the public and align government organization and communication.

Council President Pro Tempore Elizabeth Brown submitted the legislation as an emergency to allow for a timely transfer and to prevent an interruption in services.

“City Council respects the Mayor’s role to reorganize portions of his administration when needed. No matter what, I look forward to continuing to work with the city’s education staff as they focus on expanding access to high-quality pre-k classrooms as well as other supports for parents, children and teachers in Columbus’s early education landscape,” Councilmember Brown said in a statement.

The Columbus Department of Education has a budget under $10 million. Well over half of that goes to the Early Start Columbus program that gives kids access to higher quality pre-k education.