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Episode 2: B Movies

This episode of Pop Columbus dives into the world of B movies, which are now some of the most profitable movies being made. 

Co-hosts Eric French and Sean Edgar look at the cult following surrounding B movies and try to find out if the filmmakers aim to make a B movie or simply fall short in the pursuit of masterpiece.

They look at the special treatment B movies receive at Studio 35's monthly Bad Movie Night with host Scott Hammond.

Eric and Sean also talk to Columbus native Michael Dougherty, writer of such blockbusters of Superman Returns and X-Men: Apocalypse, about his cult classic Trick ‘R Treat and his forthcoming Krampus, in theaters December 4.


Finally, they take a look at how these movies rely on social media and word of mouth to find profit margins higher than some major Hollywood blockbusters.

Joining the guys on the episode is:

Eric French is the staff audio engineer for WOSU and has worked as a musician/producer in music studios for 15 years. Horror hound, motorcycle enthusiast, and baseball fanatic, Eric brings a passion for all things Americana to WOSU’s newest podcast series.
Sean Edgar is an editor at Paste Magazine who has also written and photographed for Playboy, Stereogum and self-titled. A Columbus native, Sean spends most of his time frolicking in Clintonville with his half-dog half coyote companion, Harley.