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Kevin Petrilla

Kevin Petrilla

Director of Radio Operations and IT

Kevin is an Air Force brat who was born in Tampa, Florida and came to Ohio by way of Miami, Massachusetts, and a few other spots. Kevin began his radio career at WOSU Public Media in 1991 when he took a student position as a board operator for 820 WOSU-AM. Soon after, Kevin became involved in other commercial radio stations around central Ohio but enjoyed his experience at WOSU that much more.

He took a fulltime position at WOSU in 1995 after graduating from The Ohio State University with a BS in Zoology. The degree in Zoology has proved invaluable since he works with a bunch of animals.

Kevin has been married for over 15 years to his wife, Cheryl, whom he met at WOSU and who currently works for the Health Plan at OSU. Kevin and Cheryl have two boys who enjoy tormenting their parents when not playing soccer, tennis, or baseball.

Kevin is currently the Chair of the University Staff Advisory Committee at Ohio State.