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Community members working with Wexner Medical Center to preserve historic east Columbus home

The Henderson House in east Columbus.
Columbus Landmarks Foundation
The Henderson House in east Columbus.

Leaders and resident living on the east side of Columbus, along with Wexner Medical Center staff members have been collaborating to preserve the century-old JP Henderson House on Taylor Avenue and Atcheson Street.

Willie Brown, President of the Bronzeville Neighborhood Association, said the house represents an anchor in the community, and is rich in history, because it was owned by former U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes and influential Black lawyer Leonard Henderson.

"What we must remember, it is not just Columbus history or the neighborhood's history, it's America's history. It represents a moment you can touch and see of the past," Brown said. "It's important to keep it right where its at and build things around it to help support it go to the next level so that people can understand we do have to cherish some things of the past."

A spokesperson for the Wexner Medical Center says officials are committed to saving the Henderson House from demolition, and are working with the community to see how the home can be a greater asset for Columbus.

The center is currently evaluating alternative sites for a new rehabilitation hospital, and additional details will be shared once a site is chosen.