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Report predicts 750,000 new Central Ohio residents by 2048

The Ohio State University

Central Ohio is expected to grow by more than 700,000 additional people in the next 25 years, which would push the population over 3 million by 2050.

The projection for the 15 counties in the areas was released by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and indicates a lot of the growth will be based on people moving into the region, especially in Franklin and Delaware counties.

MORPC’s executive director William Murdock said the area should preserve green spaces while creating sustainable development to house the additional people.

"As we look to the future of Central Ohio, we have a great opportunity to shape the type of region and communities we want for ourselves, our parents, and our children," Murdock wrote in the report.

"This means we should focus on sustainability and protecting our green spaces, while embracing new types of developments and transit to preserve our high standard of living. And most importantly, we need to remain steadfast in ensuring that everyone in this region has a voice and access to current and future amenities," Murdock wrote

According to MORPC, the region is one of the fastest growing in the country and housing development will need to double to keep up.