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Columbus school board approves temporary pay bump for substitute teachers

Columbus City Schools Board of Education
David Holm
Columbus Board of Education

Updated, August 17, 2022, 6:49 AM ET

Amid contract talks that have Columbus teachers teetering on a strike, a vote by the Columbus Board of Education could help fill a huge gap in the statewide substitute teacher shortage.

Under a measure approved by the Columbus Board of Education on Tuesday, substitutes will get $100 extra each week for six weeks to do the job. Substitutes play a major role in the district's plan to start the school year on time even if the teachers are on strike.

Gov. Mike DeWine signed a measure in June that extended a waiver for the hiring of substitutes with fewer credentials. The state typically requires a four-year degree to be a sub, but that requirement is being suspended to help fill the shortage.

Scott Dimauro, President of the Ohio Education Association, however, calls the measure a temporary fix.

“We can only do a band-aid approach for so long I really hope that legislators will work in partnership with us on those long-term solutions to really address the need to get caring qualified committed educators in every single classroom in the state,“ said DiMauro.

He says it is important that real solutions are sought to get and keep good educators in the classroom.

“We appreciate the fact that in the bill there is a requirement for a study committee to look at longer term solutions we can't solve this problem by reducing expectations and lowering quality, “ said DiMauro.

The pay for a substitute teacher in central Ohio ranges from about $120 to $175 dollars per day.