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Columbus veterans group speaks out against the disbanding of the AIR Commission

A veteran holds a sign reading "Veterans deserve Health Care Choice"
Concerned Veterans for America

Ohio-based Veterans group is speaking out against the disbanding of the AIR commission, a group tasked with deciding which VA Hospitals should close or reorganize.

Concerned Veterans of America (CVA) is a grassroots organization supporting Veterans. They say the group of senators that voted last week to block the Asset Infrastructure Review or AIR Commission is forcing Vets to remain trapped in an outdated medical system that does not meet their needs

CVA-Ohio thinks changes are needed to better serve Vets.

“We're just trying to get some of these pieces of legislation across the finish line so that we can see better care and choices for our veterans in our communities,“ said Steven Burkhalter of CVA-Ohio

Steven Burkhalter is a Navy veteran and the Strategic Director for the CVA Ohio Chapter.

“Again, we're not in support of shutting down VA's, but trying to realign some of these bases. We know that majority of the veterans in our communities have either moved south or west, especially as they get older. Our goal is just to align some of these facilities with the best options for veterans,“ he said.

Williams was a reporter for WOSU. Natasha is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and has more than 20 years of television news and radio experience.