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Columbus Police unveil new blue uniform

Much of Columbus’ police force will look different beginning this week, as office beginning donning new uniforms.

The uniforms unveiled Monday feature a navy blue button-up shirt or a navy blue vest worn over a navy blue shirt.

“Both the button up shirt and external vest feature an embroidered badge on the left and the officer’s last name and badge number on the right. A navy blue ball cap may be worn with this uniform. It is important to note this new uniform will still have a place for personnel to wear their issued Body Worn Camera,” a police press release reads.

The new uniforms mark a move away the Division’s traditional white uniforms, at least for officers and sergeants. They’ll be required to wear the new uniforms, while lieutenants and higher-ranking personnel will have the option to wear it or the existing white top.

For officers and sergeants, the traditional white uniform will be reserved for ceremonies, funerals, other formal occasions or when approved by the chief of police.