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Letters From Home: How Are You Safely Planning For The Holidays?

Kasumi Loffler
WOSU wants to know how you're safely planning for the holidays.

WOSU’s Letters from Homeis collecting stories from our day-to-day lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to hear reflections and thoughts from all Ohioans.

This week's question is: How are you safely planning for the holidays?

As we approach the holiday season, coronavirus cases are rapidly increasing in Ohio and around the country. Health officials are urging people to avoid traveling and attending large gatherings, which may mean rethinking Thanksgiving and other traditions. So what are you doing to enjoy the holidays this year while staying safe?

Use the form below to submit your reflections, and WOSU may include it in our Letters From Home series. 

Try and limit your response to no more than 1,000 words. Your response may be edited for length and clarity.

WOSU brings you Letters from Home in partnership with the Columbus Museum of Art.

WOSU brings you Letters from Home in partnership with the Columbus Museum of Art.