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Ticket Tax Opponents Submit 19,000 Signatures For Ballot Measure

Anti-ticket tax petition signatures are counted at City Hall.
Olivia Miltner
Anti-ticket tax petition signatures are counted at City Hall.

Opponents of Columbus’ ticket tax submitted around 19,000 signatures Monday to put a ballot measure in front of voters in November.

The ballot measure would stop any tax or fee from being placed on tickets for arts and entertainment events in Columbus. It’s a direct response to thetwo ticket taxes that went into effect last week, placing a 5% fee on admissions costing more than $10.

Bret Adams, who helped organize the petition effort, says the public deserves a say in the tax.

“Our concern is that City Council pushed this through without really considering what the public felt about this," Adams said.

Supporters say Columbus arts are publicly underfunded, and the first ticket tax is expected to generate $6 million annually for arts organizations. Adams thinks the city should instead secure more private funding.

A similar 5% tax on Nationwide Arena events will go toward maintaining that facility.