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Conservative Group Criticizes 'Pork' Spending In DeWine's Proposed Budget

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine
Jay LaPrete

A conservative think tank has put out a list of ways it thinks Gov. Mike DeWine is wasting $2.5 billion in his proposed budget. They're listed in the latest edition of what’s called the "Piglet Book."

The Buckeye Institute says there’s no reason for the state to set aside $224 million on high-tech Third Frontier program grants, or to spend $20 million on tourism and $3 million to promote Ohio’s wine industry.

The group’s Greg Lawson said the state should do only essential government functions, treat all businesses fairly and lower overall spending.

“We need to have smart, rational tax policy and we need to keep our budget on a true diet," Lawson said.

The Piglet Book also singles out $33 million for the Ohio Arts Council and $2 million for the Ohio History Connection as unneeded state expenses. It also recommends closing $1.8 billion in tax loopholes, such as credits for filmmakers, ethanol plants, grape producers and fractional jet owners.