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Ohio Attorney General Calls For Prescription Drug Middleman To Return $16 Million

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
Ohio Public Radio
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is calling for pharmacy benefit manager OptumRx to return overpayments made by the state.

Ohio’s attorney general said at a session with the Ohio Associated Press that one of the prescription drug middlemen working with the Bureau of Workers Compensation took millions of dollars in overpayments that rightfully belong the state.

Republican Attorney General Dave Yost said the state’s contract with the pharmacy benefit manager OptumRx required it to return any savings from drug price cuts to BWC.

But Yost says that PBM would wait a month or two before passing along the money – totaling $16 million in almost three years. Yost said the contract also requires mediation before any lawsuits could be filed.

“I don’t know what there is to mediate," Yost said. "They broke the contract. They took our money. I want it back. And we will go to court is mediation is unsuccessful."

OptumRx said in a statement that reads in part: “We believe these allegations are without merit and are working with the State to resolve the Bureau’s concerns.”