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Committee Tasked With Finding New Funding For Road Construction Projects

Road Work Ahead sign
Dennis Brekke
Flickr Creative Commons

The money to pay for ODOT's big road construction projects has run out. So Gov. Mike DeWine has put together a panel to make recommendations on where to find more money - and he wants them to work fast.

The advisory committee includes experts from throughout the state representing the oil and gas industry, local government, automakers and drivers.

Longtime former Franklin County Engineer Dean Ringle is the executive director of the County Engineers Association of Ohio, and also is part of a statewide coalition recommending a variety of solutions, including a fee on 15,000 electric vehicles and a hike in the 28 cent gas tax.

“We’ve got to come up with some fair solution that incorporates not only those that we have now, but the future of whatever might be coming for alternative fuels," Ringle said.

DeWine is expecting recommendations from this panel in the next few weeks. He must sign the transportation budget by March 31.