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Ohio EPA Considers Updating Air Quality Rules At Fracking Sites

Simon Fraser University

The Ohio EPA is considering changes to its regulations on air quality at fracking and natural gas transmissions sites.

The state Environmental Protection Agency is doing what deputy director Heidi Griesmer calls a “periodic rules review.” One thing it is considering has to do with changes in regulations. 

Normally they’re applied to new shale wells or compressor stations coming on-line, but the agency may make them applicable to established sites, too.

“This would cover air pollution emissions from existing non-conventional oil and gas facilities that aren’t covered by our most current regulations,” Griesmer says.

As part of the review, the Ohio EPA is also gathering input from interested parties.

“It’s just an extra step we take to involve stakeholders before we begin drafting rules,” she says.

The open period for ideas is underway through December 19.