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Conservative Commentator Ben Shapiro To Visit Ohio State

Gage Skidmore
Ben Shapiro at the 2018 CPAC in Maryland.

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro will be at Ohio State University Tuesday speaking to students.

A conservative student organization called Young Americans For Freedom invited Shapiro to speak on campus.

“I couldn’t tell you the last time I remember a conservative-leaning speaker spoke on campus,” says Nick Bellopatrick, who helped organize the event. “I mean, that seems to be how it is across the country now, so it’s just kind of something that you do your best to maybe try and change it a little bit."

Shapiro’s appearances at universities around the country have drawn protests. Bellopatrick says he isn’t expecting a big demonstration, but he does hope that people with other viewpoints come to the event.

“We hope that we get some people who don’t agree with him, because that’s exactly what we want,” he says. “We want a clean open discussion of people who maybe don’t see the world the same way and hopefully can understand what the other person sees. “

An Ohio State spokesman says security needs for the event have been assessed and are not unreasonable in comparison to events this size. About 500 people are expected to attend.