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DeWine And Cordray Differ On Plans To Fund Infrastructure

highway in Columbus
Gabe Rosenberg

Ohio's candidates for governor appear to have different approaches on how they’d pay for infrastructure, as construction costs rise and gas tax revenue declines.

Republican candidate Mike DeWine told a group of agencies that work with local communities that he’d appoint a blue ribbon task force to study how to best pay for infrastructure fixes, saying that panel would need to make recommendations quickly. And DeWine says if a tax hike is suggested, he’d be open to a candid conversation on that.

Democratic candidate Richard Cordray has a different idea.

“Blue ribbon commissions are often an excuse for not being ready to lead or not being ready to set a direction in the state,” he said.

Cordray says he’d go to voters with what he called a “significant bond financing package” for road and bridge repairs, improving the grid and expanding broadband. But he says he doesn’t have a number in mind on how significant that package would be.