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Ohio House Will Put Speaker Impasse To Floor Vote Wednesday

Ohio Speaker Pro Tem Kirk Schuring
Ohio House
Ohio Speaker Pro Tem Kirk Schuring

The gridlocked Ohio House has set a vote Wednesday to pick its new speaker despite deep uncertainty about the outcome.

Republican Rep. Kirk Schuring, the chamber's acting leader, announced the decision Friday after taking a straw poll of members.

A majority of House Republicans have so far been unable to settle on a speaker candidate to replace Republican Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, who resigned last month amid an FBI investigation. That's left the fractured caucus to spar for weeks while legislation languishes.

Schuring gave members of both parties until Friday to choose whether to go forward with the vote or to change House rules so he can preside over law-making.

Democrats abstained from Schuring's private tally, citing concern it might have violated Ohio open-meetings laws.