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With No Governor Debates Planned, DeWine And Taylor Battle With TV Ads

Mike DeWine For Ohio

There may not be any debates in the Republican primary for governor, much to the frustration of some. So the two candidates are now going back and forth in TV ads instead.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor was first, spending $700,000 to air ads going after Attorney General Mike DeWine’s past votes in the U.S. Senate allowing immigrants to receive social security and on trade with China. She also hit him on his failing grade from the NRA.

“President Trump is right on immigration, guns and China,” the ad said. “Mike DeWine – wrong on all three.”

DeWine countered with an ad buy that’s said to be similar, blasting Taylor for scandalsinvolving departures on her staff and use of the state airplane and rumors of her light work schedule.

“Mary Taylor – unfit and unqualified," the ad said. It went on to call her a “slacker” whose “work schedule is almost untraceable.”

DeWine’s campaign has also set up a website with links to articles that go with the ad.