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Gov. Kasich Pivots On Gun Regulations

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign website used to say he has signed every piece of pro-Second Amendment legislation he’s received as governor, and that he was endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

But not anymore.

The deletion of that language from his site came not long after the Republican blasted Congress in his first public comments about last week's Florida school shooting that left 17 people dead.

Kasich said on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday that he does not think Congress will act on the gun issue, so he’s assembled “a committee of people.”

Kasich did not name the people on the committee, but he said they represent both sides of the gun debate.

“And I’m hopeful that this group that I've assembled on both sides of the issue that are going to come together with recommendations,” Kasich said. “The Speaker of our House, Cliff Rosenberger, said he’s anxious to see what can be produced. We’ll see. And if they don’t produce anything, I’ll put my own stuff out.”

Kasich says he believes that the gun issue needs to be dealt with at the state and local level.

“Where we have to affect this, I believe, is at the local level and the Statehouse, because you can have greater access to politicians who serve in the state legislature, in the county commission, in the city council," Kasich said. "That’s where you need to put the pressure and call these people out.”

The page of Kasich’s campaign website touting his support for the Second Amendment disappeared after the CNN comments.

His campaign strategist says Kasich is a Second Amendment supporter, but his views have evolved. The strategist did not offer specifics.

Kasich has signed several pieces of legislation to expand gun owner rights, but he has supported some gun regulations. That includes a proposed ban on the devices known as bump stocks, which can make semi-automatic weapons fire like fully automatic. Investigators say bump stocks were used by the shooter in last year's massacre in Las Vegas.